• All Camper Applicants must currently be in second (2nd) through eighth (8th) grade. A responsible adult should complete this application with the applying Camper Applicant. If the Camper Applicant’s parent or guardian is unable to complete this application, an adult with a connection to the Camper Applicant/family may complete the application as a Nominator, explained in Part II, below. All supplemental documentation in support of this application should be submitted together with the application. Decisions on eligibility to receive a Foundation Campership Award from the Indian & Forest Acres Scholarship Foundation are based on the Foundation's evaluation of the individual circumstances and qualities presented by each applicant and their family, as presented by the application materials and interviews, and not according to a predetermined set of eligibility criteria. The Foundation reserves the sole right to determine eligibility.
    Application must be downloaded, completed, and then either scanned/emailed or sent via snail mail.
    *Click HERE to download the PDF form.

  • Part I. Camper Applicant Information

  • Please complete the following, as applicable:

  • Part II: Parent/Guardian/Nominator Information

    A Nominator is an individual with a close connection to the Camper Applicant or Camper Applicant’s family. A Nominator is neither a parent nor guardian, but an individual who represents the Camper Applicant for Campership Award consideration.

  • A. Name of Parent/Guardian/Nominator (1) – Primary Contact

  • Part III. Parent/Guardian Financial Information

  • Part IV: Camper Applicant References

    Please submit three (3) references in support of the Camper Applicant. One (1) reference must be from a teacher or coach. If the Camper Applicant is being represented by a Nominator (as discussed above in Part II), the Nominator may not be one of these three (3) references. References should be approximately one (1) typed page.

    Part V. Camper Applicant Expression of Interest

    All Camper Applicants are requested to provide material(s) that explain(s) why he/she wishes to attend Indian Acres or Forest Acres and what he/she hopes to accomplish and learn from time at camp. The Camper Applicant should express what kinds of activities interest him/her and why. This information can be submitted in any form that suits the Camper Applicant: essay, video, collage with pictures explained, short essay, story, song, etc.

    Part VI. Parent/Guardian and Nominator Statements

    The Parent/Guardian of a Camper Applicant applying for an Indian & Forest Acres Scholarship Foundation Campership Award must submit a statement detailing why he/she wants the Camper Applicant to attend Indian Acres or Forest Acres. If for any reason the Parent/Guardian is unable to write the statement personally, the Nominator or other adult may assist in preparing the thoughts of the Parent/Guardian. Statement does not have to be in English. If applicable, please address any special concerns of which we should be aware. Statement may be of any length. In the event a Nominator is representing the Camper Applicant for a Campership Award, the Nominator must ALSO provide a statement. If applicable, please address any special concerns of which we should be aware. Statement may be of any length.

    Part VII. Affirmation of Complete & Truthful Information

    I declare that all information reported on this application, to the best of my knowledge and belief, is correct, true, and complete. I have attached a copy of Camper Applicant family’s most recent U.S. Income Tax Return (Form 1040 or 1040A, only), and understand that failure to provide any supplemental Application documentation may result in delay or inability to process this Application.
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  • Part VIII. Application Checklist

    Application and supplemental documentation may be:
    1. Emailed to
    2. Snail Mailed to Amy Kurtzman, P.O. Box 271, Haverford PA 19041
    Electronic submissions are preferred, if possible.

    Did you remember to submit the following: