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The Indian & Forest Acres Scholarship Foundation provides scholarship funds for the purpose of sending children to Indian & Forest Acres Camps who will enrich and become good citizens of “Our Summer Place,” but who need additional financial resources to attend.

The Foundation is run exclusively by members of the Indian & Forest Acres family, who share the Camps’ ideals of nurturing traditions as well as relationships, setting strong examples for future generations, and contributing to the community.

The Foundation seeks to enable children from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds to experience the ideals of the Camps’ unique mission of being a community where campers develop physical, social and leadership skills through learning to set and achieve goals, experiencing risk in a safe and supportive environment and gaining a sense of personal and community responsibility.



We welcome you to apply for a Foundation Campership Award. If you’ve taken the time to view the Indian & Forest Acres website, perhaps you can see yourself as a camper enriching and becoming a good citizen of “Our Summer Place.”

Decisions on eligibility to receive a Foundation Campership Award from the Indian & Forest Acres Scholarship Foundation are based on the Foundation's evaluation of the individual circumstances and qualities presented by each applicant and their family, as presented by the application materials and interviews, and not according to a predetermined set of eligibility criteria. The Foundation reserves the sole right to determine eligibility.

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Consider donating your time or treasure. There are many ways to support the Foundation: Events at Camp, Young Alumni, Fryeburg Community Relations or Fundraising. To help with the work and direction of the Foundation, consider joining the Board. We value all efforts!


Get to know our Board!

Barrie Cohen-McMullen
TAN: 1970-1976 Camper, 1980-1981 Staff

Debby (Peltz) Fedder
GREEN: 1974-1977 Camper; 1978-1979 Staff, 1994 IA Program Director

Jerry Greenberg
RED: 1983-1989 Camper

Charles Rudnick
BROWN: 1978-1980 Camper; 1981-1988 Staff

Haley Miller
TAN: 2003-2007 Camper, 2011-2013 Staff

Sue (Landgarten) Pearson
TAN: 1979-1985 Camper, 1987-1989 Staff

Marjorie Porter-Kuhn
TAN: 1967-1974 Camper

Emily Young
GREEN: 2003-2009 Camper; 2010-2012, 2014 Staff

Honorary Board Members

Moe Burness
BROWN: 1967-1973 Camper, 1974 – 1985 Counselor and so much more, 1997-present Assistant Director

Ang Cornblatt
RED 1958-1966 Camper, 1967-1994, 2000, 2006 – 2011, 2013 – present Staff

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